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The Market CLOSE system

Performance and detailed trades history for

Rydex (2x / Inverse 2x Strategies)

NB: This web page has not been maintained for the last years. For detailed trade information, open TimerTrac graphs (icons in right column) and select "Historical Trades" on the TimerTrac site.

Results with actual, non-synthetic published trades for 4 p.m. prices, starting 2. May 2005.


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Trade by trade history - Dynamic OTC -  Ultra OTC/UltraShort OTC

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Trade by trade history - Dynamic S&P500 - UltraBull/UltraBear

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TimerTrac verified performance graphs for trades at market close:


Velocity / Venture

UltraOTC / UltraShortOTC


Titan / Tempest

UltraBull / UltraBear



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